At Genesis Physicians Group, we serve more than 1,600 physician members, which includes more than 550 independent primary care physicians and 900 specialists across 70 medical specialties. When you join Genesis Physicians Group, you receive the following membership benefits to help run your practice:  


Contracting with 40+ Plans

Genesis thoroughly vets all contracts on behalf of our members, meeting with the major payors throughout the year to address issues and concerns. Each member can opt-in/opt-out of any plan individually. Learn more.

Delgated Credentialing

We offer an NCQA Certified Credentialing and Recredentialing Program delegated by our contracted health plans. Once credentialed through Genesis, you're ready to opt-in to any of the qualified plans that you choose. Learn more.


Pay-for-Performance Rewards

Pay for performance (P4P) rewards members with a portion of the financial savings produced by Genesis physicians. Each payor’s P4P program is unique with a combination of Quality and Efficiency performance measures. 


Group Purchasing Savings

Through our group purchasing program agreements and strategic alliances, Genesis offers cost saving opportunities for our members. We have negotiated best pricing guarantees with high-quality service and supply vendors. Learn more.


Education and Training Opportunities

Through annoucements, monthly newsletters and office visits by our Account Managers, Genesis members receive up-to-date information on guidelines, industry news, and regulations to help your practice run more efficiently. Learn more.