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1. How many members does Genesis Physicians Group have?

Currently, Genesis Physicians Group has nearly 1400 members in North Texas.

2. What is the most significant benefit of joining Genesis Physicians Group Physicians Group?

There are many benefits of joining our IPA. The most significant is the impact on your bottom line through revenue opportunities and cost savings.
  • Our contracts. Genesis has more than 40 payor contracts including commercial insurance, worker’s compensation, and Medicare Advantage products.
  • Genesis Physicians Group has pay-for-performance contracts with a variety of payors. Our pay-for-performance contracts distribute between $300,000 and $375,000 per quarter to members.
  • Genesis Advantage Purchasing Program offers significant discounts on a variety of products and services used by your office that saves significantly more than your membership fees. Examples include things like medical supplies, office supplies, cellular services, etc. Contact us for a complete list of discounts available.
  • Genesis Practice Tools offer technology that save your office time and thus money:
    • The member-only site allows you to find fee schedules, pay-for-performance information, credentialing, and more.
    • GenesisConnect is a single-login portal, allowing you and your office staff to access eligibility and benefits, e-prescriptions and refills, referrals, imaging and lab results, and items that connect through the Internet.

3. How do I join Genesis Physicians Group?

You must complete the Genesis Physicians Group membership application, send the appropriate membership fee, and complete the credentialing process. See Become a Member, Application Process for links and information about joining.

4. What specialties do you support?

Genesis Physicians Group represents more than 70 specialties.

5. Can we have one membership for our group?

We offer only individual memberships. We offer discounts for practices with six or more doctors.

6. Can I complete a membership and credentialing application online and email them to Genesis Physicians Group?

Membership and Credentialing application forms, plus other necessary paperwork are available to download to your computer. You must have Acrobat reader software on your machine. You can also print them directly from the GPG web site. However, because signatures are required with the application, GPG is not able to accept completed applications via e-mail. In addition, the applications also requires a copy of license, DEA, DPS, etc., which necessitates using a fax or regular mail. To access the applications, click here.

7. What contracts does Genesis Physicians Group represent?

See Our Contract page for a complete list of insurance products with which we have contracts.

8. How do I login?

To learn how to login please take a guided tour of our website by clicking here.

9. How does Genesis Physicians Group support payor contract management?

Genesis experts review each contract thoroughly, vetting it against national best practices. We have a contract template based on national and state best practices that we use to ensure our members get the best terms. In a recent contract analysis we brought up 80 potential issues and the national payer agreed to make 46 contract changes.

10. Do I have to participate in all contracts held by Genesis Physicians Group?

No. All members must individually opt-in or opt-out to all insurance plans we represent. When you join, you will be asked to opt-in via our Member Website. As we add or change contracts, you will be notified to opt-in or opt-out of new contracts.

11. I have heard a lot about pay-for-performance. How does that work?

Genesis Physicians Group has pay-for-performance agreements with commercial and Medicare Advantage programs and we continue to discuss these opportunities with payors. Each plan has a different formula and requirements. Your Physicians Services Representative can explain more clearly how this works.

12. What is Clinical Integration?

Clinical Integration is a Quality Initiative to standardize clinical care to conform to recognized best practices.

13. Why do you do Clinical Integration?

The Genesis Physicians Group Board of Directors decided to implement this program for four reasons:
  • Validate to payors that our physicians provide measureable superior care.
  • Communicate quantifiably positive patient outcomes (aggregate results) to consumers, employers and managed care organizations.
  • Offer member physicians the increased market value of a “brand name” – Genesis Physicians Group – that stands for consistently high quality care at appropriate costs.
  • To provide our member physicians with feedback on best practices in relation to the medical care they provide their patients.

14. How does the Genesis member-only website work?

Members are given a user name and password to access important information such as fee schedules, payer contracts, and member discounts. They also use the site to opt-in or opt-out of payer contracts, register for trainings and events, and to upload data for our Quality Initiative. It is the portal to personalized information for our member offices.
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