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Medical credentialing is a very thorough, time-consuming procedure. Genesis Physicians Group offers an NCQA-Certified Credentialing Program and is delegated by health plans to be the credentialing agent on record. To become a credentialed physician or Allied Health Professional (AHP), the applicant must turn in the Texas Standard Credentialing Application (TSCA) along with required elements to the credentialing department. Please see link below for credentialing instructions.

Within 35 days of submitting the completed TSCA application and additional elements, the physician’s or AHP’s application is presented to the Genesis Physicians Group Peer Review and Membership Committees for review. The application is either approved or rejected at this time, and the outcome is further presented to the Genesis Physicians Group Board of Directors.

Once the physician or AHP is approved, his or her Physician Service Representative delivers an opt- in/opt-out packet so the provider can select the contracts in which to participate. Physicians also have the option of completing the opt-in/opt-out process through the member only website after obtaining their access information. Once the physician or AHP information is submitted to the health plans, an effective date is granted by the plan/payor.

Click here for instructions on how to become a GPG Credentialed Physician or Allied Health Professional
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