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Genesis’ Quality Improvement (QI) initiative is to standardize clinical care that conforms with nationally recognized best practices. This program is known as Clinical Integration (CI).

The Genesis Physicians Group Board of Directors decided to implement this program for four reasons:

1. Validate to payors that our physicians provide measureable superior care.

2. Communicate quantifiably positive patient outcomes (aggregate results) to consumers, employers and managed care or organizations.

3. Offer member physicians the increased market value of a “brand name” – Genesis Physicians Group – that stands for consistently high quality care at appropriate costs.

4. To provide our member physicians with feedback on best practices in relation to the medical care they provide their patients.

Genesis member physicians participate in this initiative by sharing patient data and clinical outcomes. Progress is assessed by measuring member practitioners’ compliance with protocols (a.k.a. quality indicators or measures) adopted or developed by specialty based Clinical Integration Committees.

To help with data collection for CI, Genesis asks its physicians to do the following:

1. Utilize CPT category I (the familiar five-digit codes that describe a procedure or service), II (performance measurement codes with alphanumeric code designation such as 2000F) and III codes (local codes developed by individual carriers to identify those procedures not yet identified by a HCPCS Level I or II code) when seeing patients.

2. Remind third party billing companies that the physician’s they are servicing have signed an agreement to provide data to Genesis for QI/CI.

3. Review format needed when submitting data from the office to be sure all elements are present.

4. Assist Genesis nurses with access to patient information for Medical Record Review if you are with one of the participating specialties.

5. Participate on specialty committees to help with protocol management.

The Genesis QI/CI initiative helps create a baseline of proof for pay-for-performance initiatives provided by payors.
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